July 7th 2016

Lolo auto sales has changed my perspective of buying a car. I am 70 years old and have been buying cars for fifty years. I have met many sales people I never want to see again, some have been pushy, arrogant and intimidating, I could go on.  Debbie the owner of Lolo auto sales was friendly  and helpful. She made the process very effortless, she is now my friend.  My plan is to buy my next car from Slaters. I will tell Debbie what i'm looking for and she will find it, oh by the way my new used car is beautiful, I love it.


~ Karen

Corvaillis, MT

I have been having my car serviced by Deb and Chris at Lolo Xpress Lube for the past 14 years an couldn't be happier with their service and expertise. I took my 2008 Honda in to be serviced and was given a loaner care due to the fact it was late and could not be worked on until the next day. Chris called and told me I had a cracked block, which happens to Honda's years 2006-2008. He took the time to check if my warranty was still good and it was a year too late. It just so happened they had a 2010 Honda CRV on their lot, I fell in love with. This being such a shock and surprise, I left with my new car within a few hours. Deb was more than wonderful to deal with and helped make such a bad situation a happy one I couldn't appreciate or thank them more. Thank you Chris and Deb for not only your good service to our community but your friendship as well.

~ Linda McDaniel

(406) 273-4604

U.S. 93, Lolo, MT, USA